Our Services

With our design experience and personal approach we will understand your vision and make it reality.

We have the requisite experience from start to finish to allow you to relax in the knowledge that you are in safe hands. Every step of the process is handled by Abigail personally, from design brief to completion. ​


We will visit you at your home at a time to suit. We want to hear all about your ambitions for your home, work with you to develop your initial ideas and get a sound understanding of your specific project requirements. 

Together, we will explore the art of the possible, giving early consideration to how we can achieve the most practical, effective yet imaginative use of the space and budget available. 

Following the initial consultation we will start putting the wheels into motion to give you the peace of mind that your dreams really can become a reality.


Whilst this is an essential exercise, it's not all that exciting, so we do most of it remotely. This includes checking local planning rules, structural requirements and property legislation to ensure the project is legally viable.


We will however return to your property once more to take detailed site measurements, update you on our findings and let you know whether or not it all stacks up.

This is where it all becomes quite exciting. We will share our initial designs and ideas with you during which time you can receive 3-dimensional visual representations of your project.


We will work very closely with you during this stage to ensure that the design works for you, that it is affordable, practical and meets all of your objectives. This is a consultation process and we work right alongside you until we have agreed on the final design. 


We leverage years of experience of dealing with planners and local authorities to make the planning process run as smoothly as possible. 

We will handle the planning submission on your behalf and manage all communication, follow-up queries or additional requests from the planning authorities. The entire planning process will be managed by Tice & Co until full planning approval is granted.

We will assist with appointing building control, structural engineers and any other supplementary services required so that the build can run to plan.


This service can be extended to assistance with interior design and the procurement of internal furniture, fixtures and fittings, kitchens and bathrooms, or we are happy for you to select your own and we will just make sure that it works with the design.

So we have an agreed plan, how do we get it built? We will work with you to identify builders and tradesmen. We will prepare detailed project specifications enabling you to receive accurate and detailed quotations for the build. We will then assist in the appraisal and selection of the builders.

We will quickly answer any design queries from the builders and building control and monitor their progress throughout to ensure the process runs smoothly and the build is in line with our design and vision.

Finally we will let you relax in your new surroundings and celebrate together completion of your dream project. 

Create your dream home.
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