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With our design experience and personal approach we are able to understand your vision and make it reality. We will tailor our services to suit your needs.

We have the requisite experience from start to finish to allow you to relax in the knowledge that you are in safe hands. Every step of the process is handled by Abigail personally, from design brief to completion. ​

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We will visit you at your home at a time to suit. We want to hear all about your ambitions for your home, work with you to develop your initial ideas and get a sound understanding of your specific project requirements. 

Together, we will explore the art of the possible, giving early consideration to how we can achieve the most practical, effective yet imaginative use of the space and budget available. 


Alongside the initial consultation we will start putting the wheels into motion to give you the peace of mind that your dreams really can become a reality.


This includes checking local planning guidance, structural requirements, utilities and property legislation to ensure the project is viable.

Tice & Co engagement letters are bespoke to every client and clearing outline scope of works, Tice & Co's fees and third party fees. 

Firstly we accurately survey and measure your home and site straight onto our CAD software.


After this survey it all becomes quite exciting! We design collaboratively with you through design workshops which work incredibly well as we can discuss and share ideas while also considering budget and practicalities. You can also have your design in a beautiful and detailed virtual 3D  model!


During the design stage we also review the structural design to make sure everything will come together perfectly.  

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We take care to consider national

and local planning guidance for example

Leeds Household's Design Guide.

 We leverage years of experience of dealing with planners and local authorities to make the planning process run as smoothly as possible. 

We will handle the planning submission and keep you fully informed and in control of all developments.  

We will assist with appointing building control, structural engineers and any other supplementary services required so that the build can run to plan. We will provide a detailed building specification for the builders. 


This service can be extended to electrical and heating design, interior design and the procurement of external glazing, fixtures and fittings, kitchens and bathrooms. 

So we have an agreed plan, how do we get it built? We will work with you to identify builders and tradesmen. We help you to prepare a detailed scope enabling you to receive accurate quotations for the build. 

We will assist you in resolving any design queries from the builders or building control.


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